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Lantor Soric® Flexible Core

Core material and infusion medium in one

Soric is a polyester nonwoven material with a compression resistant hexagonal (XF, SF, LRC) or random dot-printed (TF) cell structure. These pressure-resistant cells, which are separated by channels, contain synthetic micro-spheres.
The cells do not absorb resin and therefore limit the total resin up-take. Since these cells are pressure resistant, they create thickness in the laminate even when pressure is applied by vacuum bag. The channels facilitate resin flow and form a pattern of cured resin with good mechanical properties and excellent bonding to the outer skins. 

Because of these unique properties and characteristics, Soric can be used as:

  • Thin core (bulker), adding stiffness, while reducing weight
  • Inter-laminar resin flow medium, eliminating the need for other (disposable) flow media
  • Print blocker (liner), that meets the most demanding cosmetic and finish requirements.

Soric SF

Soric SF is the general purpose grade, balancing resin flow and surface quality. Soric SF is therefore especially suitable for thinner laminates.

Soric XF

Soric XF maximises weight reduction in structural core applications. Soric XF offers the fastest resin flow for the lowest resin consumption, and is therefore ideal for thicker laminates.

Soric TF

Soric TF is the ideal product for the most demanding cosmetic and surface finish requirements. Soric TF can be used as a core, but is most often used as a print blocker in infused laminates.

Soric LRC
(Low Resin Consumption)

Soric LRC has a resin uptake of about 350 g/m2/mm.
Soric LRC is now commercially available in thicknesses of 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm.

Soric XXF
Soric XXF

Soric XXF is a grade specially developed
for blade manufacturing. To support resin
transportation in critical area's of the
blade. Soric XXF is
available in thicknesses of 1.5 and 2 mm.

You will find our new products Lancore and FR-Soric under Products & Processes.

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