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  • Lantor's heating system for composite applications
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Welcome at Lantor BV

Lantor BV is the Leading Innovator in high added value nonwovens for the Cable, Composites and Construction industry.

Leadership Through Innovation. Lantor BV focusses on the development, manufacturing and global marketing of high added value nonwovens for industrial applications in the Cable, Composites and Construction industries.
Lantor is a fully integrated nonwoven manufacturer with activities include web forming, finishing and converting. Lantor is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

In 1962 Lantor Cable Products® was the inventor of waterblocking tapes for the cable industry. Lantor Composites® introduced nonwoven core materials to the composites (fibre reinforced plastics) industry with leading brands such as COREMAT®, SORIC® and FINISHMAT®. Lantor Construction offers the leading condensation control solution with CondenStop® in the Construction industry.

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Soric Finishmat Coremat Condenstop


  • Innovation at Lantor
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